Monika Tanu

There should be no doubt to let me contribute in your web project.

I am a working-from-home mother. I always say proudly about it. I do realize that there are more people who see it differently and even underestimating. People say that working from home is equally to working unprofessionally, especially when kids are involved.

Yes, working from home is a big challenge. You'll be expected to keep your job as professional as other full time people work at office, even in fact you don't have as much “working time” as they may have. Understanding and realizing this clearly, I always work together with my team to make sure that I could do the work professionally and deliver the results on timely basis, while on the same time I also could have my family life balanced.

My home office

Awards & Media Coverage

People see result. Yes!! No doubt. However, people also want to know how other organizations and media value you.

Bubu Awards 2002 Adikarya Desain Indonesia 2003 Visual
Situs Terbaik KomputerAkt!f Bubu Awards 2005

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