An interesting post. Why Bragging About Your Online Success Isn’t Helping Me. Somehow ada ‘debate’ tak berkesudahan soal habit manusia di sosial media.

“If you said people share their blessings = bragging, maybe you’re the one whose problems,”

“Jangan julid kalau liat postingan orang lain share happiness, be happy for them,”

“Well, it’s socmed, kalau ga suka ya unfollow aja,”

But this statement below (quoted from article above) somehow gives me some perspective:

Hmmm. Sebelumnya mungkin ga sadar, post ya post aja. Ga terlalu dipikir. Yang terlewat dari pikiran, bahwa hawa-hawa post kita itu kebaca sama orang lain. Apakah isinya memang share happiness, share blessings, share positivity, apakah memang share informasi berguna, atau seperti yang di atas dibilang, showing off alias pamer. Such a good reminder.

Maybe those motivational posts we made is to show others something. Maybe those quotes were to show that I am THAT wise. We didn’t mean it, of course, but who knows? Alam bawah sadar kita mendirect kita kesana.

Ya sebetulnya ga ada salahnya posting OOTD foto tiap hari kalau memang it’s visually appealing. (But sorry, I’m not fans of selfies. I even unfollow some friends if their posts are nothing but their selfies haha.) Ga ada salahnya juga memotivasi orang lain, kalau memang that’s our passion. But we need to question our motives deeper.

Quoted again from that article:

Time to check my post as well. LOL.

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